About Me

Hi, my name is Brian. I am multi-disciplined in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. My passion for technology started off at a young age with motorcycles. Well, actually it started with cars, but I figured with motorcycles I can get more bang for my buck. This assumption however was very, very wrong, as shown above :). Nonetheless, my fascination with both of them made me pursue an engineering career.

During my spare time, aside from going to the racetrack, I enjoy working with anything technology related, finding new things to learn, and spending time with my family. My current interests are with mobile phones, the Android OS in particular, and the current buzz going around right now known as the Internet of Things.

I made this website as a place to put up all my work and hopefully to help others. I can’t recall how many times I’ve stumbled upon someone’s website that ended up helping me figure out something I was stuck on. Hopefully my contribution will also help others.

For any inquiries or any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here. And no, this is not some spam form. I’m not very fond of those. This form goes directly to my personal email.